10 Audio Drama Podcasts to Get You Hooked on Fiction

+ When most people think about podcasts, they think NPR, 99% Invisible , or Hardcore History –nonfiction shows meant to be an engaging form of education. Sometimes, though, what you want is to dive into a good story that nonfiction just can’t provide, but where to start? What if you like the idea of fiction podcasts (called audio drama podcasts to those in the medium), but Welcome to Night Vale isn’t just your taste? The good news is that the world of audio dramas, is vast, beautiful, and always getting better. If you’re interested in fiction at all, there’s an audio drama out there you’re going to love. Audio drama podcasts aren’t like audio books: they usually have a full cast and sound design to make the experience immersive. They’re also often not like old-timey radio plays: they’re often a bit more elegant, a bit more serious, and much less hammy (unless being hammy is the podcast’s goal). Finding great audio drama podcasts can be difficult, though. Most podcatchers don’t even have a dedicated section for audio dramas, and they’re usually left out of the Best Of lists each year. Luckily, I’ve listened to tons of audio dramas, and […]

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