10 Famous Musicians With Hearing Impairment

Hearing loss is not a rare thing in the rock ‘n’ roll world. We all know how loud it can get out there, at the gigs. This can cause significant hearing damage over time for the performers, such as tinnitus, etc. The good thing is that a hearing problem can’t stop you from playing music in your head. We all know the story of Ludwig van Beethoven, but here are ten more musicians that had suffered from various types of hearing loss. Neil Young One of the greatest musicians and songwriters of all time, Neil Young, has left an indelible mark on the world of music. He was even elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not once, but twice! He has created over thirty unique albums and contributed to countless more. Through all of his astonishing career, Neil has suffered from tinnitus, that is a quite common affliction for rock stars. It involves a persistent ringing in the ears, some times even connected to a loss of hearing. Young claims that mixing his 1991 album "Weld" really affected his hearing. He said: “That’s why I really regret it. I hurt my ears, and they’ll never be […]

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