10 Literary "Villains" Who Were Actually The Best Part Of The Book

Joe Lederer/Netflix We might be rooting for our heroes and heroines (at least most of the time), but we wouldn’t have great literature without great villains. Where would Harry be without Voldemort? Othello without Iago? Frodo without all those orc guys? They’d all be much happier and more productive members of society, sure, but their stories would be far less interesting. Villains aren’t always the most admirable characters, but boy are they having the most fun. And sometimes that fun is even somewhat justified. Here are a few literary "villains" who were actually the best. After all, the best villains are usually just as complicated and highly motivated as the heroes. They just…have a little trouble expressing themselves. Sometimes we might even find ourselves siding with the villains, because our heroes are not quite the great dudes that they think they are. Characters like Snape or Gollum or Mr. Darcy are more interesting than out-and-out evil villains, because they have layers and conflicting desires (seriously, re-read Pride and Prejudice, Darcy is a pretty solid villain for the first half). From sea monsters to evil queens, here are a few literary villains that are maybe not so villainous, after all. […]

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