15 Motivational Tips to Help You Achieve Your Writing Resolutions in 2018

[Can you impress us in 1500 words or less? Enter the Short Short Story Competition today! Deadline January 15, 2018] New Year’s resolutions can be tough to keep—and doubly so if one of your resolutions is to write a novel before the year’s end. Here, some of our favorite bestselling authors, ace agents and brilliant WD writers share their best tips, insights and inspirational advice. Learn how to get started, and how to keep your writing resolutions on track throughout the year and successfully crank out your story. “I think in shapes and patterns, and so what I need to start on any given day is what I call a kernel, which is a very vivid image, a line of dialogue, an emotional ambiance—anything I can see or sense concretely. And so if I’ve got this image I will write it down in a line or two, and then I sit there and stare at it; I take words out and I put them back; move clauses around. And what I’m doing here is using the conscious part of my mind to make that sentence as clean and elegant and euphonious as it can be, and to describe this […]

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