Month: September 2017

Fiction Has To Be Constructed Carefully, Without Urgency: Arundhati Roy

New Delhi, Aug 30 (IANS): Just when the credentials of Booker winning author Arundhati Roy as a fiction writer were being questioned in literary circles, the acclaimed novelist, after a hiatus of two decades, returned with her second novel and, boom — it is again long-listed for the much-coveted award. The author, however, feels there’s a world of difference between fiction and non-fiction. "For me, there is a universe of difference between the two. So when I am writing non-fiction, I am writing usually with a tremendous sense of urgency. I am writing when something is closing down, some...

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Translating Poetry Opens Up New Worlds Of Language

Book Name: Verses of Wahab Khar(Translation) Translator: Mushtaque B Barq Reviewer: Perveiz Ali Publisher: Jay Kay Books (Kashmir) Year of Publishing: 2017 Pp: 127 Price: INR 595|USD10.95$(Hardbound) ISBN Number: 978-93-83908-25-7 Let’s start with two basic questions back to back. Can poetry be translated? And is there any purpose in translating poetry? Of course , poetry can be translated and to be more specific, it is. No doubt there are many more who would raise their fingers in reservation to this question but aren’t they expecting to have a replica of the original in their hands rather translation. To create...

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‘The Massacre Of Mankind’: A Sequel To HG Wells’s ‘The War Of The Worlds’

At the close of H.G. Wells’s 1898 novel “The War of the Worlds,” the Martian invaders are all dead, having succumbed to the viruses that infest our planet and for which they had never built up resistance. While something of a surprise ending, Wells had nonetheless prepared the reader for it with various clues, starting with his opening sentence: “No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about...

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NPR’s Ann Powers Talks New Book, Music And Her Seattle Roots

Ann Powers has made her mark as a music critic for over three decades at outlets like the Los Angeles Times, the Village Voice, The Rocket and her current employer, NPR. Much of her writing has chronicled the role of gender and race within the pop- music landscape, which is also the turf she explores in “Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music” (Dey Street, $26.99, 412 pages). She discusses the book with DJ Riz Rollins in a presentation by Town Hall Seattle on Friday, Sept. 8. “Good Booty” is a sharp...

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On Stage With Donna Walker: Singer-songwriter Nathan Angelo’s Personal Story Inspired New Album

On this week’s "On Stage with Donna Walker," we feature singer/songwriter Nathan Angelo. He plays two songs off his new album, "Matter of Time," and talks about the personal message in his songs. JOSH MORGAN/Staff Buy Photo Greenville-based singer-songwriter Nathan Angelo has occasionally found musical inspiration from his own life. But for his latest album, “A Matter of Time,” some of the songs came directly from a particularly challenging experience: his infant daughter’s serious illness, which culminated in a liver transplant last year. Angelo, whose piano-based songs call to mind his passion for the music of Elton John and...

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