The Cold War prompt­ed sci­en­tists to come up with some pret­ty extra­or­di­nary weapons and gad­gets to keep the USSR on top of the U.S. Some were suc­cess­ful, some were not, and oth­ers were damn bizarre. Below are a selec­tion of the best. Many sci­en­tists believe all talk of cli­mate chang­ing weapons is com­plete­ly ground­less. Source: Vladimir Astapkovich/​RIA Novosti Sovi­et sci­en­tists weren’t short of rev­o­lu­tion­ary ideas — but putting them into prac­tice was anoth­er alto­geth­er. As the Cold War tight­ened its grip, many poten­tial projects were hatched (suc­cess­ful­ly and unsuc­cess­ful­ly) in a bid to get one up on the ene­my: The U.S. Some sci­en­tif­ic and mil­i­tary pro­grams from the Sovi­et era are still in oper­a­tion today, and even the most ambi­tious ideas — such as laser and son­ic weapons — are now becom­ing a real­i­ty . For bet­ter or for worse, some of the most extra­or­di­nary projects were aban­doned and for­got­ten for good. RBTH exam­ines a few of the most rad­i­cal as proof that Sovi­et sci­en­tists were will­ing to go the extra mile to keep the ene­my at bay. Brain radio Bernard Kazhin­sky. /​Archive image In 1923 Russ­ian elec­tri­cal engi­neer Bernard Kazhin­sky up with the […]