3 bizarre Soviet projects straight out of a science fiction novel

The Cold War prompted scientists to come up with some pretty extraordinary weapons and gadgets to keep the USSR on top of the U.S. Some were successful, some were not, and others were damn right bizarre. Below are a selection of the best. Many scientists believe all talk of climate changing weapons is completely groundless. Source: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti Soviet scientists weren’t short of revolutionary ideas – but putting them into practice was another thing altogether. As the Cold War tightened its grip, many potential projects were hatched (successfully and unsuccessfully) in a bid to get one up on the enemy: The U.S. Some scientific and military programs from the Soviet era are still in operation today, and even the most ambitious ideas – such as laser and sonic weapons – are now becoming a reality . For better or for worse, some of the most extraordinary projects were abandoned and forgotten for good. RBTH examines a few of the most radical as proof that Soviet scientists really were willing to go the extra mile to keep the enemy at bay. Brain radio Bernard Kazhinsky. / Archive image In 1923 Russian electrical engineer Bernard Kazhinsky came up with the […]

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