3 Things The 2017 Patent Litigation Statistics Show Us

About a month ago, I wrote about what 2018 promises to teach IP lawyers about the state of the market, and by extension, where the practice of IP law is headed. While looking forward is an important part of the equation for any thinking lawyer, also be helpful to what we have already learned. To that end, the recent release of the Lex Machina Patent Litigation Year In report (available here ) provides a treasure trove of useful information for IP owners, defendants, and the patent attorneys who advise them. Yes, statistics lie — but they also illustrate and educate as well. Considering the ongoing turmoil in patent practice, behooves IP lawyers to develop as informed a sense as possible of what has truly happened in the market’s immediate past. Reports the one just released by Lex Machina are therefore an important contribution to the IP community. When reviewing the report, I focused on bits of information that I thought were both unambiguous and at least vaguely surprising. While the top-line statistics about the number of patent cases filed or the busiest patent courts are always of interest, the most […]

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