‘Hungry, hungry,’ the beasts thoughts raced as it slogged through the cave. ‘Food, food?’ sliding along the ground. As it searched for its next prey; silent, soft footfalls echoed through the cavern’s tunnels. ‘Yummy’ the beast let out low hum. closer to the unsuspecting victims. "Did you hear that?" a silent high pitched voice asked. "Scared by children’s stories again, Skreelok?" voice answered. "Stop mocking me and listen, you imbecile!" the first retorted. The one shrieked once more some unintelligible words and a fight broke out between them. These would be almost unbearable to listen to for too long; they sounded like nails against a chalkboard. "Silence! Idiots, do you want everything to know that are here," a low, commanding voice stopped them. "Sorry, Kob," the small creatures simultaneously answered. ‘Food!’ the beast thoughts focused towards the creatures. Kob, the leader of the trio, stood over the others, proudly holding a small chest in his hand. "Move it, you two!" he commanded them further. As they arrived at a fork Kob directed his underlings: "Dyr, check the one the right! Skreelok check the !" His voice was almost soothing compared to the […]

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