4 Reasons You Should Outline Your Settings

you think of all the important story elements you need to outline, setting may not be at the of your list. It might not even be your list. it should be. Setting provides the for every other important element in your story—starting with plot, character, and theme, and progressing right down to dialogue and narrative tone. Usually, authors immediately know at least the general setting the story takes in . . . NYC, Mars, Renaissance Italy, colonial Kenya, the Tetons. But that’s just the beginning. Your story will never take “in NYC,” but in very specific and intimate settings that setting: the ladies’ room at the Met, that one bench in Central Park, that one backseat in that one taxi the way to that one apartment. Every single scene you write demands a specific, grounded setting. And every single one of settings offers you the opportunity to either deepen and strengthen your story—or weaken it. planning ahead of time, don’t you think? 4 Reasons to Outline Your Settings In my experience, the two best ways to tap your story’s best possibilities are to: 1. “ Dreamzone ” […]

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