4 Ways to Develop a Unique Writing Voice

Are you a writer? Do you find there are times when you come to write and only get as far as a few pages in, read it back and don’t know how to carry on? Your words look bland on the page, you feel nothing for them. You sit in front of your computer screen for a while and stew, maybe you put the lack of success down to that all-consuming writer’s block that you’ve heard about? Spoiler: It’s not writer’s block . You just haven’t found your voice yet. Voice is the distinct personality, style or point of view of a piece of creative writing, poetry or even journalism, and it’s specific to you as the author. Your voice is what makes the writing flow and it’s what will get your recognized, so it’s important to know how to develop it. The idea of trying to develop a voice is quite daunting and can inevitably become a massive obstacle for you. We’ve all been there. The first step to find your voice is to start testing techniques. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. It’s going to take trial and error and it won’t be the same for every […]

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