5 Simple Hacks to Heighten Suspense in Your Novel

Knowing how to is a useful technique no matter the genre of book. Thrillers, horror, fantasy and even romance novels use the device to draw and hook readers to the page. So, how do you master this secret writing method? Use these five tips to add to your story and keep your readers captivated. 1. High stakes Whether your protagonist might die at the hand of the evil antagonist your main character is at risk of losing the love of her life if she doesn’t betray someone else she loves, the stakes must be high. is achieved when the reader is nervous, worried and on edge. Something big must be at stake for your readers to care. Remember, this can’t be done unless you have likeable characters . Your character can be at the edge of losing it , but if the reader doesn’t like your character they won’t care what he loses. Create sympathy, or better, empathy, between the reader and your main character. That way, they will care when the stakes are high. . Beat the clock A great way to employ is through use of time. Have you […]

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