5 stories in From a Certain Point of View that should have onscreen adaptations

Contributed by With the 40th anniversary Star comes a horde fun merchandise, panels, and more, but the product I’ve been anticipating the most is a book. Specifically, it’ From a Certain Point View: 40 Stories Celebrating 40 Years Star Wars , and it retells the plot Episode IV: A New Hope from different perspectives. Each story is by a different author, and the contributors are wonderful : Claudia Gray, Chuck Wendig, Delilah Dawson, Renee Ahdieh, Daniel Older, and Liu are just a few the names you might recognize from the list. I devoured the book much the second it arrived on my doorstep – as I do with every Star Wars book that comes my way – but this one has lingered in my mind over the last couple weeks. The way it retells a story we all are so with, introducing new characters but also delivering the perspective old ones that we thought we knew (such as Captain Antilles and the Bith band) is really revolutionary, and it left me wanting more. I hope they do a volume like this for every movie, I’d […]

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