5 Stories You Should Never Submit If You Want to Get Published

Do you like having your short stories rejected? Although you might be a generally positive person who likes to learn from your rejections, chances are that you don’t want to get rejections. Unless, of course, you’re an absolute sadist (don’t all writers have to be at least a little bit?). In reality, no one spends the time to write and submit fiction with the goal of collecting rejections . We’re trying to get our work published. So why do we still spend so much of our time writing unpublishable stories ? Of the 20,000 or so stories I read during my time at Bartleby Snopes , I encountered hundreds—maybe thousands—of unpublishable stories. Some weren’t publishable because the writing was bad. Others were just uninteresting. And many of them were rejected because they fell into some horrible writing trope that just shouldn’t be done anymore. Here are five stories you should never submit if you want to get your work published: Stories about writers Obviously this was going to be on the list. And obviously it was going to be number one. Just give it a rest. Why do writers keep pumping out stories about writers? It’s time to face […]

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