8 Incredible Pakistani Poets you Must Read

The rich enthralling usage of words by Pakistani poets makes their work of poetry a thing to cherish every season of life. The roots of poetry Pakistan go back a long way. One falls love with sublime words used a captivating manner by Pakistani poets. While many great poets from Pakistan have come and gone, their incredible poetic works remain in our hearts and minds. There are still some that are successfully alluring people into reading their poems filled with magical words and thought-provoking ideas. DESIblitz presents incredible Pakistan poets that you must read at cost. Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984) One of the most Pakistani poets on this list, Faiz was a revolutionary poet and also one of the most celebrated. His poetry became immortalised due to his strong resilient mind and determination. Faiz is often cited as “the greatest poet” from Pakistan. Many poetry lovers become captivated by the world of Faiz’s poetry. Tonight (Remonstrance) Do not strike the melancholy chord tonight! Days smoldering with pain in the end produce only listless ashes … and who the hell knows the future may bring? Last night’s long , tomorrow’s horizon’s […]

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