A Basic Dialogue Tip: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks on How to Write Strong Dialogue I’m /u/Nimoon21 and I’ve been sharing some tips I’ve learned. Here is another (and the last one)! Also if you are a young writer, be sure to check out /r/teenswhowrite ! What is Stilted Dialogue? Stilted is a term that means stiff or unnatural, specifically with regards to speaking or talking. It’s the go to term usually for critiquers when they mean to say that the way your characters are talking sounds unnatural, and you need to work on writing stronger dialogue. Dos Read it out loud This is pretty basic, and it’s advice for a lot of writing, not just dialogue. Reading it out loud can highlight stiffness to your dialogue and writing you might not notice otherwise. You can also try getting a good friend to act out a dialogue exchange with you, if you are feeling adventurous. It might help you notice if the back and forth between two characters feels dry or not. Leave out the boring bits Dialogue in books isn’t exactly like talking in real life. We make small talk all the time, say hello and goodbye, or sometimes go off on tangents and […]

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