A Captivating New Epic Fantasy Series: An Interview with Elizabeth Bear, Author of “The Stone in the Skull”

From its opening pages of magnificent imagery on an icy mountain, Elizabeth Bear sweeps the reader into an world of ravishing detail, in a culture rich with South Asian influences. From the mysterious Dead Man to his companion, the mechanical Gage with an all-too-human heart, to queens who sit uneasily on their thrones, The Stone in the Skull offers an array of bewitching characters. Fueled by a series of dark events and encroaching danger, the characters come together in a web of intrigue, beginning what promises to be a thrilling new epic fantasy series. I caught up with Elizabeth Bear to talk about her inspirations, the characterizations and themes, and more. The setting for the Stone in the Skull is unusual in epic fantasy, and you depict it in rich detail. Can you talk about your research and inspirations? Oh, wow. That gets complicated, but the short form is that the idea for the Eternal Sky series started when a dear friend who happens to be of Indian ancestry mentioned how hard it was for her to find herself in fantasy and science fiction. It’s been a running joke between the two of us for over a decade that […]

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