A Filipino crime story

Boxes of donuts, that was one thing that Palanca winner F.H. Batacan always had with her each time she would visit the set of the film adaptation of her novel Smaller and Smaller Circles. Even though Batacan is now based in Singapore, the author managed to squeeze in some time just to show support and see how things are doing. Ria Limjap, one of the producers and screenwriters, revealed, “Ms. Batacan came to visit us a few times over our 20-day shoot. She always had boxes of donuts for us, which made a lot of people on set happy. She’s very low key, but she has such great energy. It always felt like a special day on set when she came to visit.” Some, of course, would not let this opportunity pass, and even had their copies signed. Last year, news that the award-winning novel would be turned into a movie got around. It had some bookworms and film buffs excited. Smaller and Smaller Circles is about two Jesuit priests who solve a series of murders in Payatas. Now, the film is in post-production and the producers are getting ready to show us the finished work. Batacan was supportive […]

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