Nao­ki Hidishi­da has severe, non­ver­bal autism. Using an alpha­bet grid he was able to doc­u­ment his expe­ri­ences of autism in his first book, The Rea­son Jump , when he was 13 years old. Down 7 Times, Get Up (excerpt­ed below) is his fur­ther of life as a young adult nav­i­gat­ing the world with autism, was trans­lat­ed by the nov­el­ist David Mitchell with KA Yoshi­da. . Mother’s Day 2011 There are chil­dren who can­not say “Thanks for every­thing, Mom.” There may be moth­ers who are sad­dened by this, and there may be moth­ers who feel a kind of grief over nev­er receiv­ing a bunch of car­na­tions on Mother’s Day. ’ll nev­er tru­ly expe­ri­ence the sor­row these moth­ers are feel­ing, ’m afraid, do know exact­ly what those chil­dren who can’t express grat­i­tude are through. Mother’s Day is sup­posed to be the time of year when we show our appre­ci­a­tion for every­thing our moth­ers, who we love, do for us. In case, how­ev­er, I’m unable to utter even a sim­ple “thank you.” It’s wretched and it’s mis­er­able. I’m that if a non­ver­bal per­son like me could speak flu­ent­ly all of a […]