‘A Ghost Story’: An unsettling meditation on time and eternity

A24 Films Amid moments levity, this unconventional meditation mortality is a different kind of scary. There are few Halloween costumes as unabashedly silly as a bedsheet with holes cut out of it. That last minute ghost outfit stretches back to mid-19th- Irish celebrations of Halloween , but today looks like an embarrassingly sweet nod to Charlie Brown. So when writer-director David Lowery’s new film A Ghost Story made a bedsheet ghost its central , it looked like either an unfunny parody of ghost stories the worst scary movie ever made. Thankfully, it’s neither. There are moments of both levity and eeriness A Ghost Story , but Lowery’s unconventional meditation on mortality is a different kind of scary. The film opens on a couple, played by a shaggy Casey Affleck and a pallid Rooney Mara, adjusting to a plain-looking one-story home in rural Texas. The pair previously appeared together in Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies , a respectable film about an outlaw reconnecting with his family after escaping from prison. But in A Ghost Story , Affleck and Mara play ordinary people with ordinary problems. The characters don’t have names; “C” is a […]

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