‘A Ghost Story’ Review: Poetry in Bed Sheets

Writer/director David Lowery’s ‘A Ghost Story’ shouldn’t work. It’s an existential exploration of life, death, love, loss, memory and time, in which the main character is a ghost covered by a bed sheet. That should be silly and distancing, and at times certainly feels that way. However, there’s a method to Lowery’s madness, a goofiness that undercuts the pretentions. Somehow, when the 90-minute experiment wraps up, he’s delivered just a unique cinematic prank, but a genuinely profound film. Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star as a couple, known only as and M, who have perhaps been together a little too long. Love is still there, but arguments are constant. He lives in the past, she dreams of the future. For some reason, (Affleck) doesn’t want to leave their modest , and after an unexpected accident, he never will. He dies and returns as a ghost wearing a bed sheet eyeholes cut out, like in a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon. It’s goofy at first and Lowery has the image. (A scene in which Affleck’s ghost communicates bed sheet phantom in a neighboring house is wryly amusing.) Then he sticks around, long past M’s period […]

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