A Legacy of Spies: why John le Carré's 25th novel is set to be the literary event of the autumn

Spy master: A Legacy of Spies will be the 85-year-old le Carré’s 25th novel to date On September 7, John le Carré, now 85, publishes his 25th novel, A Legacy of Spies. His fame has never been greater and the novel, hugely awaited, will be the literary event of the autumn. On publication day, the great man is making a rare public appearance at the Royal Festival Hall for An Evening With George Smiley, hosted by Jon Snow, and relayed to cinemas across the country. The novel is under the tightest of embargoes but it has already been reported that it is narrated by Peter Guillam, George Smiley’s sidekick. He is summoned out of retirement in France for an inquiry in London into an operation that took place in East Germany, in the early 1960s, that resulted in the murder of a close colleague and an innocent girl. The big tease here must be: will le Carré’s greatest creation, George Smiley himself, actually appear rather than merely be recollected? He was last seen in The Secret Pilgrim of 1990, a collection of stories loosely organised around him addressing a graduation dinner at a spy’s training course. At the time, […]

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