FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME COMMENTS Courtesy of 5B Productions All of .A. a stage in a contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare featuring Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, Rachael Lee Cook and Hamish Linklater. Reportedly the Bard’s most-produced play and translated the screen many , A Midsummer Night’s Dream makes perfect sense as a Hollywood- , with its mix of and low, worldly and magical, and its play within the play. Transposing the Athenian comedy to Southern California, Casey Wilder Mott takes his bow as a feature director with a sensuous, silly and superbly cast version, one whose visually vibrancy matches its feel for the language. Abridged and spiked with nods to other works by Shakespeare, his Dream will enchant everyone except the most inflexible purists, and will likely turn on the uninitiated to the charms of the Elizabethan playwright. The canyons, beaches, mansions and -rise offices of Los Angeles make a dynamic setting, and there isn’t a weak in the film. The actors playing the central quartet of star-crossed, potion-dosed lovers — of them regular performers of the Shakespeare canon — infuse their lines with a sharp contemporary pulse. In the parallel spirit world, a […]

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