A Quiet Place Review: Krasinski Silences with Sheer Suspense

A Quiet Place is as ferociously primal of a horror film as the terrifying predators present throughout. These creatures feed off sound, which is somewhat of a rudimentary gimmick for a horror film monster. Director and star John Krasinski takes full advantage of this conceit as it’s made clear early on how even the slightest auditory could provoke an inevitable demise. He understands the elemental side of survivalism, particularly if you have loved ones with you to look out for. It’s the family bond of the characters, even above the palpable suspense, that makes A Quiet Place rewarding popcorn entertainment. What it lacks in transcendent originality it makes up for with a perpetual bombardment of tension throughout. The post-apocalyptic backdrop this family faces is completely devoid of any explanation. Beginning on day 89 of this nightmare scenario, the Abbott family is seen scavenging the remnants of a pharmacy. Because of how heightened these creatures are at hearing, something as minimal as shaking a pill battle could mean the difference between life and death. Outside of scattered news clippings, no information is front loaded regarding the outbreak. Krasinski and his co-writers avoid the pitfalls of exposition with a mix of […]

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