What I’ve Been Dreaming I had a dream about the baby inside me, swimming around like a little goldfish, like my body was a bowl full of cold water or maybe more like a dark waterbed. In the dream I was watching myself, and I could see the inside and the outside of my body, and I was thinking my thoughts and reading my thoughts at the same time. I watched as I pushed both of my hands into my stomach, blindly grabbing inside myself for that little baby, which was looking more like a jumbo shrimp. The skin on my stomach stretched like putty and covered my hands like gloves, but my hands were still cold. I was both above and within, seeing all of it happen, making it all happen, and being worried about what would happen next. The me that was grabbing inside myself couldn’t find the baby, so I just kept pushing my hands in deeper. The me that was watching the baby swim around was feeling relaxed because the baby was looking and swimming like a jellyfish at this point. It was like I was watching a lava lamp, except the water inside me […]

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