A Room of Her Own: Mindy Le’s “Keeping to Herself” // Julia Gourary

Xander de Vries Just steps away from the Ezra Stiles dining hall at the height of the dinner rush, I walk the door of the Stiles art gallery and into the immersive world of Mindy ’s poetry. Poems in simple black frames hang on the walls and suspend from the . The suspended poems sway and twist slightly, lending the exhibit ethereal quality. Le, a junior in Ezra Stiles College, had shown work publicly before show “Keeping to Myself” opened. In putting together the exhibit, she wanted to keep words the primary focus and therefore kept everything else—the font, the paper, the frames—simple. “I didn’t want anything to detract from the words,” she said. But the poems are not just words; they are also physical artistic objects. The experience of viewing the exhibit both an intellectual and a visual one. I found myself circling the room multiple times, reading and re-reading, looking from a distance and up close. “It was the first time words were being put up,” said Le, “I wanted to make sure the poems were still visual.” And they certainly are—the works along the walls are spotlit like paintings […]

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