Walking through his laboratory, the walls lined with jars filled with pieces of both organic and synthetic life, the mechanic man picked up a jar that had exactly what he needed inside it. Striding back to his operation, he allowed himself the smallest hint of glee in his steps as another human made the right choice to evolve from their flesh prison. At the end of the room was a man, moving in minor pain, strapped to a table, who had given himself up. His face that was once marred by a chemical spill was now plated in black metal, so glossy that it even shined in the darkness of the room. The chemical damage done to his fleshy body was so bad that Viktor had to plate his body all the way to the man’s midsection. He had outfitted this man with everything he thought he needed, with half his head transformed to metal, a respirator so he would no longer have need of chemical suits, and his new left eye that would let him see in even the darkest alley ways. Now all Viktor needed to do was insert the final piece. Unceremoniously flipping the man onto […]

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