A Timeline of Mary J Blige's Acting Career

Courtesy of Netflix Mary J. Blige has the opportunity to make history at the Oscars. Tuesday morning (Jan. 23), the Academy announced that the singer-songwriter/actress was up for not only best supporting actress for her role in Netflix’s Mudbound , but also for best original song — a historical feat in itself, as no one has been nominated for both in the same year for the same film. And no one gets two Oscar nominations without some story of a come-up behind it. Blige blossomed out of the projects in Yonkers, New York to earn nine Grammy awards as an absolute R&B legend. But little has been said of her acting career in its early days. So we went through and dug up everything that lead to Blige’s critically acclaimed role — from the countless times she had to play herself on primetime sitcoms, to a TV movie, and a few musicals, here is a timeline of Blige hitting the screen before Mudbound . The Jamie Foxx Show (1998) By 1998, Blige was well-established as an artist. Her third album Share My World had opened at No.1 on The Billboard 200 Album chart the year prior, and she’d already […]

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