A trip into other worlds

Andre Bagoo Vahni Capildeo Readers of Andre Bagoo’s third book, Pitch , will find themselves enjoying an trip into the worlds that good literature can offer. The settings appear recognisable: a coastline, a beach house, a bar, gaol, the movies, bed. However, the poems sing their own warning: Even the beach is deceptive a piece of wood turns into a dolphin a rock is really soft clay all things come undone at Redhead Bay I go, I go, I go, I go – (Redhead Bay, Cuman’) Nothing is quite as it . Like the playwright Tennessee , Bagoo deals in transformations of “truth” or “reality.” His work’s pleasant or playful surface exists for because of its depths. Pitch Lake, the title of the book, refers to the asphalt deposit in southwest Trinidad; it stakes Bagoo’s claim, as a regionally Caribbean writer, to a particular imaginative landscape. Pitch Lake by Andre Bagoo Yet the way to read poetry is not the way to read prose; multiple meanings are interleaved with each other, it is not necessary to choose one. This multiplicity takes effect from the outset. The spacing between the Pitch Lake on […]

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