Adam Sandler Does His Best Work Yet

The actor shines as the perfectly bedraggled protagonist of The Meyerowitz Stories , Noah Baumbach’s new Netflix film. Netflix Cinema is an art form unlike any other, one that swirls disparate forms of expression—music, sound, writing, performance, photography—into one special medium that’s helped define global pop culture for the last 100 years. Occasionally, that convergence produces something truly unforgettable, something that feels both highly relevant to the specific story being told and to the deeply-held feelings we all share as a society. Noah Baumbach’s new film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) has such a magical moment: Adam Sandler, yelling furiously at nobody in particular, as he tries to parallel-park his car on a busy Manhattan street. Sandler, of course, is a master of cinematic yelling. He’s yelled in almost every star vehicle he’s ever brought to the masses, from Billy Madison to The Waterboy to more sensitive efforts like Funny People or Punch-Drunk Love . Long ago, in his salad days as a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sandler figured out that there was just something elementally funny about him vainly yelling into the void. But The Meyerowitz Stories , which debuted on Netflix on Friday, distills that […]

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