Africa's mooted stories

LONZEN RUGIRA Storytelling the preservation of . explains why column elicited strong emotions last week: a people’s memory was at stake. I argued that Africa has no story to tell. I didn’t expect that anyone would take lightly such a proposition. Collective memory was at stake, after all. But whose memory is anyways? Is Africa occupying memory or is she fending for else’s memory? I piggybacked President Kagame’s argument that said that the European conquest of Africa had disrupted Africa’s trajectory. As a result of the rigid borders, Kagame observed, Africa’s trajectory of integration was disrupted and that this explains why prosperity has eluded Africa – at least to the extent that would have possible conquest. By implication, the softening of borders, integration, would prosperity to Africa. Kagame it as an prerequisite. Said differently, if integration is the return to Africa’s trajectory of prosperity, then it is the interruption of the trajectory of European prosperity that was embedded in the logic of conquest. Few disagree that the European conquest of Africa disrupted the African story. Moreover, it was to disrupt the African story in order to effectively […]

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