Starz American Gods just wrapped up its first season. Spoiler-filled thoughts the finale, and season one a whole, coming up just soon you valet park stolen ice cream truck… in “Come Jesus,” Mr. Nancy — the spider -turned-tailor played with such passion and by Orlando Jones — frustrates Mr. Wednesday by insisting on spinning a tale before he gets back the task at . “Ah, Jesus, Nancy!” Wednesday complains, which Nancy replies, “Let me tell a goddamn story!” He tells and, like virtually all of the tales that Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, and company have scattered across this season, it’s a damned gods delight, following Bilquis across the centuries, from her peak of worship as the Queen of Sheba, less powerful but still decadence in a Tehran disco, the hard times she fell upon in America until Technical Boy and the new gods recruited her. It’s a promising start the finale, but after that, we’re back this extremely slow-burning, intentionally confusing war between the old gods and the new, and whatever game Wednesday — finally revealed in the climax be Odin, […]

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