"Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posy, ashes, ashes we all fall down." Voice is floating down the halls, echoing around my brain, ashes, ashes, THEY ALL FALL DOWN. Humming, humming, clothes are dirty, hands are scraped and feet are bare. Rosie, ROSIE WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE HAVE YOU GONE ROSIE? Did Polly take you? "ROSIE! Rosie? Are you there. Can you hear me? Ashes, ashes, WE ALL FALL DOWN!" Giggles, giggles, can’t hear the screams, Where are the screams? Oh no, mouth is open, screams from me. Tee-hee. Ashes, ashes, WE ALL FALL DOWN. "Alice, are you there?" the doctor here now, don’t want doctor. DOCTOR GONE, doctor BAD. Door opens. Oh no, here she comes. But not alone. NOT ALONE. Raabt and King with her, oh no. Stand up now, stand up to doctor, bye-bye doctor. "Come out, Alice. We have to take you somewhere." NO, NO, NO! ALL THE WAY DOWN WE GO, all the way down the slide. Catch me Rosie! Whee, down I fall. Where are you Rosie? Rosie is gone. NO POLLY, go away, GO AWAY. Pulling me up, up, up we go, like balloons in the sky, but don’t let go. […]

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