Tupac Shakur lead an incredible life that changed culture and entertainment forever, but almost none of that happens in All Eyes On Me , impossibly dull biopic that took more than six years, four directors, and countless drafts to make. Things might be a bit better if people walking the Earth today did not remember the life and career of Tupac Shakur, but many of us do and we know little about either is found in this disastrous feature. Playing like a Wikipedia page brought to life, All Eyez on Me manages to touch on nearly every major moment in Tupac’s short life without giving us an ounce of insight into the man himself. It’s less of a narrative and more a series of vignettes playing out like separated short films held together by the almost constant presence of lead actor Demetrius Shipp Jr . Moments in Tupac’s life fade in and fade out with little to no connective tissue other than the fact they all took place in the life of one individual. Why they happened and what kind of fallout ensued is rarely shown and almost never explored. It simply happens, moving scene to scene with no […]

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