All the Ways The Good Place Has Blown Up Its Own Premise

Kristen Bell. Photo: Colleen Hayes/NBC After an already swiftly moving season one, the second season of The Good Place has become a runaway storytelling train (or maybe a trolley). The show is astonishingly adept at leaping from setup to setup and leaving the burning rubble of the previous premise behind with scarcely a thought. The rundown of all the times The Good Place has exploded its own premise looks something like this: Season One • Eleanor Shellstrop, deceased person who belongs in the Bad Place, needs to learn how to be a good person so she can stay in the Good Place and keep her secret. Assumption: The show will be about her lessons and shenanigans to protect herself. • Eleanor learns silent monk Jianyu is another Good Place interloper named Jason. Now they both need to learn how to be good. • “Real” Eleanor turns up and forces OG Eleanor to escape to the newly discovered Middle Place. For a moment we think maybe the show will be about how to live in the Middle Place … • … but in order to save her friends, Eleanor returns to the Good Place and plans to sacrifice herself. • […]

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