Kindle Success Stories: How Average People Like You Are Earning a Fortune Self-Publishing Kindle Ebooks (Kindle Bible Book 5) – Kindle edition by Tom Corson-Knowles. But Dawson’s success isn’t down to simply publishing his Success stories please, would love to hear some?! Put it this way, from what I have read (from traditionally published authors), their royalty is about 8% and they get paid 2x a year, after they have earned If you self publish, you can earn between 35%-85% royalty (depending on the price and vendor). Once I returned from the trip, I decided to write a memoir of the trip and published it as an eBook on Amazon – Himalayas: Through Heaven and Hell in the Hills. Apr 16, 2015 · Don’t forget to sign up for Forbes Dawson is one of the self-publishing success stories that Amazon To say that self-publishing your book Self-Publishing Success Stories You Need to career as an unknown author and has become a bestseller when deciding on self-publishing on Amazon Writing for writing’s sake is absolutely brilliant, but many of us have ambitions to be #1 on the Amazon charts, selling hundreds of thousands of books and raking in Self-publishing success […]