Amazon's new Kindle Oasis is waterproof and has a bigger screen

We called Amazon7;s last Kindle Oasis "the perfect e-reader for the one percent." That still describes the new Oasis, which Amazon is officially unveiling today. To be fair, it7;s slightly expensive its predecessor, at $250/£230 instead $20. It also includes some genuinely useful features: a larger 7-inch screen, an all-metal body, and yes, it’s waterproof. A decade after introducing its first e-reader, Amazon has finally delivered the first beach-ready Kindle. If you didn’t like the design of the last Oasis… well, tough luck. Amazon basically refined its look for this ’s model. It’s still very thin (3.4 millimeters) on one end, with a larger hump on the other. While it appears lopsided, it actually feels balanced when you hold the Oasis one-handed. The big change this time is the larger 7-inch screen, which Amazon says hold 30 percent more text than before. It still packs a sharp 300ppi resolution (Amazon’s standard for the last few years), and includes 12 LEDs for uniform lighting. The new Oasis marks the first time Amazon has moved beyond a 6-inch E-Ink display its standard Kindles. The bulky Kindle DX featured a 9.7-inch screen, but that model […]

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