This Amer­i­can Gods review con­tains spoil­ers. Amer­i­can Gods Episode 8 As the first sea­son of Amer­i­can Gods pro­gressed, it became more and more appar­ent that the show had cho­sen an ambi­tious­ly small por­tion of the book to adapt in its first sea­son. While this allowed for some excel­lent canon addi­tions to the sto­ry — for exam­ple, an exten­sion of Lau­ra Moon’s char­ac­ter — it also led to a cer­tain amount of wheel-spin­ning. Last week, we got an entire episode devot­ed not to Mad Sweeney’s char­ac­ter, as the title sug­gest­ed, but to Essie McGowan, an Irish immi­grant to Amer­i­ca. It was a beau­ti­ful­ly told sto­ry of hard­ship and immi­gra­tion with some delight­ful mod­ern-day Mad/​Laura/​Salim inter­ac­tion thrown in, but it wasn’t exact­ly what you’d expect from a season’s penul­ti­mate install­ment. There was min­i­mal rais­ing of stakes. We did find out that Mad killed Lau­ra per Wednesday’s orders, but the rev­e­la­tion didn’t lead to deci­sive action in tonight’s sea­son finale. In “Come to Jesus,” Lau­ra con­fronts Wednes­day (kind of) by reveal­ing her­self to a still love-struck Shad­ow only moments after Wednes­day final­ly gets Shad­ow to believe in some­thing oth­er than his love for Lau­ra. It’s a cool moment, but one that has […]