This American Gods review contains spoilers. American Gods Episode 8 As the first season of American Gods progressed, it became more and more apparent that the show had chosen an ambitiously small portion of the book to adapt in its first season. While this allowed for some excellent canon additions to the story — for example, an extension of Laura Moon’s character — it also led to a certain amount of wheel-spinning. Last week, we got an entire episode devoted not to Mad Sweeney’s character, as the title suggested, but to Essie McGowan, an Irish immigrant to America. It was a beautifully told story of hardship and immigration with some delightful modern-day Mad/Laura/Salim interaction thrown in, but it wasn’t exactly what you’d expect from a season’s penultimate installment. There was minimal raising of stakes. We did find out that Mad killed Laura per Wednesday’s orders, but the revelation didn’t lead to decisive action in tonight’s season finale. In "Come to Jesus," Laura confronts Wednesday (kind of) by revealing herself to a still love-struck Shadow only moments after Wednesday finally gets Shadow to believe in something other than his love for Laura. It’s a cool moment, but one that has […]

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