Ten poems and ten illustrations for you to color. Two women in two countries separated by the Atlantic. A poet and an illustrator dreaming hard. The poems in the book are about intimacy and what happens when you don’t put up walls and choose instead to be vulnerable. _______ What I have to give are my words and my understanding of the world, which I have spent pretty much my whole life cultivating, even before I knew it. Adult coloring books are trending, and I think I know why. Coloring is a low-energy, potentially high-output activity that can be all sorts of things—stress-relieving, fun, relaxing, igniting creative juices, and plenty of other reasons. The high output I am referring to is that people tend to walk away from a coloring session calmer and sharper because of the way the brain has to works in the process. To be perfectly honest, I came up with this idea because I was reading one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, and I thought about what a beautiful experience it would be to be able to have images to color along with her poems. She doesn’t have any coloring books to go with […]