Analysis: And the Oscar goes too...surprises, trailblazers from this year's nominees

Pexels/Public Domain This year’s Oscar nominees will surely history, and no, just because Meryl Streep was nominated…again. Rejoice, film critics and celebrity devotees. The wait is over. The 0th Academy Award nominations were released Tuesday morning and have since caused much fervor. This year was a major year for film. With plots ranging a mute woman falling in love with experimental mutant to a mother desperate for justice after her daughter’s disappearance, the nominees have a diverse array of plotlines and emotional tenacities. Three films stand as frontrunners this year. Leading this year’s nominations is Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water,” a film in which a woman is unable to speak connects with a mutant kept in a tub. The film picked up the most nominations of any film with 13 nominations, including: Best Picture, Best Director for del Toro, recently won the category at the Golden Globes, Best Actress for the critically lauded Sally Hawkins, Best Score, which it also recently won at the Globes, among other recognizable nominees such as Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins in the Supporting category. It is also a lock in the Best Production Design […]

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