Anando Brahma movie review: Mahi V Raghav's film is delightful twist on the horror-comedy genre

If you have seen enough Telugu horror comedies over the past five years or so, you know the drill by now. You know exactly what’s going to happen after a character, or a bunch of characters, end up staying in a spooky house and all hell breaks loose when a ghost comes along to torment them. But hey….this is a Telugu film and hence, we need a melodramatic flashback to justify the ghost’s presence and actions in the plot. Thus, we are introduced to a character, or a bunch of characters, who die a tragic death; however, the laws of Ghostland dictate that the spirit cannot have any emotional baggage before entering the gates of Paradise. As a result, the ghost or the evil spirit has to fulfill her — it’s almost always a female ghost — unfulfilled desire before the inevitable happy ending for other characters. The assembly chain of events is simple, and so far, the tried and tested formula has worked as long as the characters are funny and there’s a reasonable backstory. This is precisely why Mahi V Raghav’s take on the genre, which has been done to death a lifetime ago, feels so delightful. […]

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