The upcom­ing six-issue crossover series, Harley & Ivy Meet Bet­ty & Veron­i­ca promis­es to bring the best of both Gotham and Riverdale’s most infa­mous dys­func­tion­al duos togeth­er for the first time — and the moment couldn’t be more oppor­tune. With the hit CW live action TV series Riverdale con­firmed for sec­ond sea­son, and Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniver­sary over the hori­zon, the cross over cos­mos is def­i­nite­ly shift­ing into align­ment. RELATED: DC Reveals Harley Quinn 25th-Anniver­sary Logo The project brings Harley’s Paul Dini ( Bat­man: The Ani­mat­ed Series ) togeth­er with Marc Andreyko ( Love Is Love , Bat­man ’66 Meets Won­der Woman ’77 ) as writ­ers, with DC Comics Bomb­shells artist Lau­ra Bra­ga on art. CBR spoke with Dini and Andreyko on the Com­ic-Con Inter­na­tion­al show floor to get the lat­est details on the sto­ry, the process, and what fans of both DC and Archie comics can expect to see CBR: know a lit­tle bit about Harley and Ivy Meet Bet­ty and Veron­i­ca already —  know that Veronica’s going to poten­tial­ly be kid­napped? Marc Andreyko: Well! There’s a plan to kid­nap her…[ laughs ] Oh! So there’s def­i­nite­ly some­thing hap­pen­ing there, huh? Can you […]