This one-of-a-kind van Gogh biopic appropriates the artist’s vibrant impasto style, using animated oil paintings examine the mystery of his last days. Stand in front of a painting by van Gogh for more than five minutes, and brain starts to react in strange ways. today, more than a century after the artist’s death, the brushstrokes pack an psychedelic energy, vibrating with an intensity that seems to have sprung directly van Gogh’s tortured personal life. Now imagine staring at one of these paintings for 0 minutes straight — or crazier still, watching a series of them actually start to move. Such was the vision Polish animator Dorota Kobiela had for “ Loving ,” a truly awe-inspiring portrait of the great Dutch artist that boasts the distinction of “the world’s first fully painted feature film.” That means every one of the nearly 65,000 frames in this near-lunatic labor of love was rendered by hand with oil paints, following a style intended to mimic that of the master — which precisely the effect you might imagine, pulling audiences into the delirious, hyper-sensual world suggested by van Gogh’s oeuvre. The artist himself […]

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