Any Co-/ ghost-writer for a long non-fiction manuscript?

‘The important thing is to never let someone be guided by the opinion of one’s contemporaries, to continue steadfastly on one’s way, without letting oneself be either defeated by failure or diverted by applause.’ __Leonard Bernstein Not sure if this is the right place for this AD. (couldn’t find any other place on CL.!) My is B.K. Khatib I’ artist & a writer. I’ve been a library/ bookstore hopper, instead of a bar hopper, for years… I collect very old/ rare books (mostly art books.) I’m 46, retired last year for medical reasons. I now have time to pursue my art and writings. Not sure what would / will make me serious money first, ART or BOOKS? The world is full of pessimism and negativity. For that reason; I have cut my life the negative belittling friends who don’t want me to succeed. Why? ; they have no talent except working 8-4 or -5, breed bunch of kids, and posting constant pictures of their beautiful substandard families on social media for everyone to see, day and night. I know, now I’m judging them. Well ’s about time. There are books written about silly and […]

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