The impor­tant thing is to nev­er let some­one be guid­ed by the opin­ion of one’s con­tem­po­raries, to con­tin­ue stead­fast­ly one’s , with­out let­ting one­self be either defeat­ed by fail­ure or divert­ed by applause.’ __Leonard Bern­stein Not sure if this is the right place for this AD. (couldn’t find any oth­er place CL.!) My name is .K. Khat­ib I’m artist & a writer. I’ve been a /​book­store hop­per, instead of a bar hop­per, for years… I col­lect very old/​rare books (most­ly art books.) I’m 46, retired last year for med­ical rea­sons. I now have time to pur­sue my art and writ­ings. Not sure what would /​ make me seri­ous mon­ey first, ART or BOOKS? The world is full of pes­simism and neg­a­tiv­i­ty. For that rea­son; I have cut from my life all the neg­a­tive belit­tling friends who ’t me to suc­ceed. Why? Well; they have no tal­ent except work­ing from 8 – 4 or 9 – 5, breed bunch of kids, and post­ing con­stant pic­tures of their beau­ti­ful sub­stan­dard fam­i­lies on social media for to see, day and night. I know, now I’m judg­ing them. Well it’s about time. There are books writ­ten about sil­ly and […]