Joan Collins with her husband Anthony Newley and their new Alexander, pictured 1965 A few days after my interview with Alexander Newley, about his memoir Unaccompanied Minor, a media storm blows up, when the Sunday Times reports he has called his late father, the actor and singer Anthony Newley, a paedophile. The paper adds the “paints a miserable picture — of his mismatched narcissistic and neglectful parents, a bullying nanny… and every childhood agony.” I’m startled (and so is Newley’s , the film star Joan Collins, who denies the claims) Newley discussed his father with me length making any such claim. I call him. He dismisses the ST story as “rubbish. I never said that. I was talking to the journalist about my father’s film Heironymous , which was a very sexually liberated film, shocking for its time. He asked me outright, was my father a paedophile? I said absolutely not. How that got twisted I do not know, but, hey.” I can almost the shrug of his shoulders. At 52, Alexander Newley is a successful painter and portraitist, his in demand from collectors and museums including the […]

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