Char­l­ize Theron stars in the action-thriller ‘Atom­ic Blonde.’ ( Jonathan Prime/​Focus Fea­tures) For rea­sons that noth­ing do with destruc­tive pow­er or hair col­or, “Atom­ic Blonde” is no “Won­der Woman.” Despite its bloody, sharply chore­o­graphed action sequences, its wide­ly tout­ed les­bian sex scene — which is hot only if you’re a 16-year-old boy and not a les­bian — and a set­ting of Cold War Berlin on the eve of the wall com­ing down, R-rat­ed com­ic book of a female-cen­tered spy thriller is as chilly and joy­less as the ice bath in which first meet the title char­ac­ter, MI6 agent Lor­raine Broughton (Char­l­ize Theron). As the film opens, Lor­raine’ naked and bruised body is shown emerg­ing from a tub of frigid water — not, as it would appear, bring down the swelling brought on by a beat­ing, but because it looks so good on cam­era. Optics, not sto­ry, rule the day in this styl­ish­ly vio­lent film, which was direct­ed by stunt­man-turned-film­mak­er David Leitch, in a fol­low-up his uncred­it­ed debut behind the cam­era in ” John Wick .” Like that sur­prise 2014 hit, which Leitch direct­ed with fel­low stunt per­former Chad Sta­hel­s­ki, “Blonde” can be, at […]