Atz Kilcher gets personal, introspective in new memoir

The cover of Atz Kilcher’s “Son of a Midnight Son.” (Cover photo by Scott Dickerson) Atz Kilcher has been a storyteller for decades. Whether through his music, art or other projects, his preferred method of communicating through anecdotes, and that didn’t change when he out to write his first : “Son of a Midnight Land.” Released last week by Blackstone Publishing, “Son of a Midnight Land” isn’t a masterpiece or a that even necessarily follows the rules, but that’s how Kilcher says he wanted it. In his words, it’s “just a story about a lot of people go through,” and he in his life to with it. At times, this addiction and poor decisions, he said. As noted on the cover, the reflective collection of memories is a “memoir in stories.” Kilcher said this is due to standing his ground on the he structured the , rather than following a traditional memoir pattern. “Writing this , for me, was that journey of looking at some of the things that made me who I am, how I tried to work through those things,” he said. The chronicles Kilcher’s […]

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