Actor Eugene Lee stars as Wilson in the autobiographical "How I Learned What I Learned" at Round House . (Grace Toulotte) BETHESDA, Md. — The late Wilson is known for his “Pittsburgh Cycle” of 10 plays, each exploring a different decade of the African-American . But did you know that after this iconic , he devised a one-man about his own personal life? The autobiographical “How I Learned What I Learned” hits Round House Theatre in Bethesda, Maryland, through July 2, following Wilson’s life as a struggling young in the Hill of Pittsburgh. “I co-conceived this him in his basement,” director Todd Kreider told WTOP. “This was a piece that August originally performed himself and was meant to be the first thing after the cycle. We planned that after ‘Radio Golf’ was set up regionally … we would begin to offers to do this show.” Kreider is as close to an August Wilson aficionado as you’ll find. Not only has he directed several of the Pittsburgh Cycle plays — namely “King Hedley II” Viola Davis, who just won an Oscar for the film “Fences” — he also formed a […]

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