Austin’s new public library reflects the city’s transformation and energy

’s new public library reflects the city’s transformation energy. The exterior is clad in limestone grey metal panels, accentuated corrugated metal. (Leonid Furmanksy) Austin ’s new Central Public Library, designed Lake|Flato with Shepley Bulfinch , opened last October. The 198,000--foot facility occupies a full city block adjacent to where Shoal Creek meets the Colorado River in the western part downtown. Austin’s first residents settled here 180 years ago, in the 20th- municipal facilities like the Seaholm Power Plant were built nearby. Planning for the library began in 2009 as part of the district redevelopment surrounding the repurposed power plant. After delays, the library , with a $125 price tag, arrives as a major addition to downtown’s landscape. In Austin, the new library doubles the book capacity of the previous central library, but books are not the focus of the architecture. For years, the library has morphing into a more generic public space that supports a range of studious and social actions. Austin’s new Central Public Library, the city’s fourth, is an example of the library as urban amenity. Here, event takes precedence over edifice. As such, its traditional […]

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