Author, 35, details her decades-long struggle with pornography addiction and how she managed to break it with the help of her husband's love, therapy and yoga in a candid new memoir

Erica Garza, 35, has a memoir called Getting Off: One Woman7;s Journey Through Sex and Porn Addiction. It will be released on Tuesday, January 9 An has written in great detail and with brutal honesty about her struggle with pornography addiction in her provocative memoir. Erica Garza, 35, charts in her book, titled 6;Getting Off,7; her relationship with pornography that began at the age of 12 and lasted into her early 30s. The addiction was broken in part due to the love of her now-husband, Willow Neilson, with whom Garza has a child. Garza7;s porn addiction began while she was growing up in the Los Angeles area and needed to wear a back brace due to her scoliosis for which she was bullied, the New York Post , which has seen a copy of her memoir, reports. 6;What I got was an elaborate mixture of shame and sexual excitement,7; she writes of her interest in porn. She describes in an essay written for Salon in 2014 her habit began with watching soft-core pornography on Cinemax after her parents went to sleep. As she matured, so did the Internet, and she later moved on to watching more […]

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