Authorial Voice: How to Develop your Own Style in Fiction

What authorial voice and why it matters I am an of fiction (I’m also an academic writer , but let’ leave that aside for now). I have been writing fiction for decades, and examining my own evolution as a writer is a very educational process. If I to pick the single most important improvement in my writing, that would be the emergence of my authorial voice. Trust me when I say : No other element in your writing is as crucial as to develop your own authorial style. The reason is, naturally, that having your own narrative voice allows you to stand out from the crowd. Developing your own authorial voice is crucial for your work to stand out. But what is authorial voice (or authorial style) and how does one develop it? The term might mean different things to different , but a proper definition of authorial voice is : Authorial voice (or authorial style) is the unique collection of -, structure-, and narrative strategies an deploys in order to convey meaning. The strategies are present in most of the ’s novels, provided these belong to the same genre. In the following sections I […]

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